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CIFLI (or “chiefly”) is a first-of-its-kind initiative that combines business skills and leadership training with project generation.
CIFLI runs for 6 months and consists of 22 workshops with 70+ topics, practical activities, guest presenters and project development.
To bring financial sustainability into the creative industries by helping future leaders establish and run high-performing businesses and projects.
CIFLI is all about delivering results for participants. These are the outcomes you can expect by joining the program:

SHORT TERM: Learn leadership and business skills

MID TERM: Establish 1-3 financially sustainable creative industry projects / businesses

LONG TERM (optional): Alumni program: train future leaders of the industry
Phase 1: FOUNDATIONS (4 weeks)
Learning the key leadership and business skills needed to succeed

Phase 2: IDEATION (4 weeks)

Creating and exploring project and business ideas

Phase 3: THE BUSINESS CASE (4 weeks)

Developing project and business ideas to demonstrate that they have strong potential to be financially sustainable

Phase 4: SHARK TANK (2 weeks)

Pitching your projects to a panel of business experts

Phase 5: PROJECT WORK (8 weeks)

Building your creative industry projects or businesses with support and guidance from the facilitators.
CIFLI covers 70 topics which fall within the following areas of business and leadership:

Markets | Systems | Leadership | Business skills | Digital business  Marketing | Money | Output optimisation | Perspectives | Professionalism | Communications + relationships